Friday, March 4, 2011

March 2600 - New Location!

The 2600 meeting for March will be the first at our new location: Theo's. After testing the water by holding half of our meeting there last month, we've been invited back by the owner. It's located right next to our old meeting place, has plenty of table space, power plugs, access to wifi, & reasonably priced food/drinks. The time has not changed, and our meeting will still be starting at 7 PM. If everything goes well tonight, we will email the magazine publishers to have them update the listed location.

While we have a lot of love for Backspace (our previous venue), their shift to hosting more music shows has made holding a Friday night meeting very difficult.

Some discussion points tonight will include:

  • 200k Android handsets infected with malware in 4 days.

  • B-Sides PDX?

  • Rainsec, a monthly meeting for information security professionals.

    If you have anything interesting to share, whether it's recent news or a project you're working on, please bring it up during the meeting!
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