Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 2600

December 2600 this Friday.  No forgetting.  As usual we will be meeting at backspace around 6-7.  It looks like a show is going to start up around 8pm.  They will let you in if you say you are with 2600, but if the noise gets annoying, we will likely move to Old Town Pizza (around 3rd and Davis), and eventually we will be moving to the brainsilo hackerspace.

Since backspace started having more and more shows that conflict with 2600, there has been a lot of talk about moving the meeting.  Moving to the hackerspace would be a bit sketchy, and discourage new people from showing up since it is in a dark back alley.  What do people think of moving the meeting to Old Town Pizza permanently?  They don't have shows which is good, but their wireless sucks, and they get mad if people don't order food.

If there is enough support for the move, one of us can contact 2600 and get it changed officially in the magazine.

Comments, criticisms, suggestions?


Benjamin Kerensa said...

Well I personally have been slacking but I will try to come to the meeting tommorow.... Life gets busy with work and a spouse.... Honestly though I am not to familiar with old town at all I live in SW near Tigard.

Anyways if you do move it to a pizza place that would be cool since pizza is good cheap food.

Jackson said...

What about Powell's or Powell's technical ?

pierce said...

Powell's Tech is gone, and the new Powell's doesn't really have a place to hang out :-/ Also, this close to Christmas, the coffee shop in Powell's is pretty full, and they don't have a lot of power.

sanitybit said...

Pierce, didn't they open a new Powell's Technical?

sibios said...

I would like to voice a request to choose a location that is a little more accessible for those coming from outside Portland. Getting to downtown means having to fight with hectic end-of-day/start-of-weekend freeway traffic unless you're already within Portland's metro system.

sanitybits: I believe so. I'm pretty certain that it's across the street from the main store now.