Friday, February 5, 2010

Sky Hacking and February

Lock picking, abusing lawful intercept, and satellite hacking. Some of us made it to the east coast for blackhat and shmoo, for the rest of us, we have 2600 :-D Make sure to read up. Fun stuff all around.

Portland's hackerspace is now named bRainSilo ( If there's interest we can go check it out when the music starts up at backspace.

some fun blackhat fallout:

I just bought myself one of these
so if anyone else wants to start getting into some satellite hacking, let me know.

Edit: by the way, if someone at the door gives you any trouble, say that you ae with 2600 and they should let you in.


reaveyo said...

Great article, well written.
I am the MD of text-lock and we are soon launching our new product text-padlock, which is a padlock which can be operated remotely by mobile phone, leaving an electronic signature of anyone using or requesting access. Because there is no keyway it is virtually impossible to crack or pick, and therefore far more secure than traditional locks.. Please see for more details on the product.
I welcome your opinions on this and would be fascinated to see your views in this blog.

Jackson said...


"Because there is no keyway it is virtually impossible to crack or pick"

I think it sounds like an interesting challenge

pierce said...


Reaveyo's statement is about on par with saying that combination locks are impossible to pick because they dont have keyways.


I know you are just a blog spammer that will never read this, but you should be made aware that high noon EST tomorrow Chris Paget and Karsten Nohl are going to expose GSM for the filthy whore it really is. ( So, I wouldn't be too confident in relying on GSM as your primary point of secure entry.

If you are a real person though, you should come down to the meeting tonight and bring one of those fancy new locks with you so we can all take a look at it :-)

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Thanks mate... just dropped by. Will look for BIKE STN when we get to Seattle. Still in Buenos Airies.