Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hackerspace News

Portland now has a hackerspace. www.pdxhackerspace.com
Looks like we will be moving in during the first week of January. It's a really awesome space about .8 miles north of the Rose Quarter in north Portland. There is a stop a bit closer on the yellow line, one stop out of fairless, but the .8 miles is maybe a 10 minute walk. If you want to get involved, a membership fee of 80 dollars per month will get you a key which grants 24/7 access to the space.


Brad Carter said...

I like the Grounded Rose name just because it comes with a kickass logo.

Congrats on the space! Wish I lived closer so I could join.

Jackson said...

The wiki mentions a paid-for guest pass, any ideas if that would work for those of us who are, for now, but a meeting attender ?

Jackie said...

So... is the meeting there or at Backspace tonight?