Friday, November 6, 2009

Remember Remember the 6th of November

Alright then, first Friday of November.

Topics may or may not include tor hacking, mass scanning with contempt, spider pwning with ronin, mass spider pwn tor hacking with ninjas, and how to survive after drinking a gallon of green tea.

I've got some fun new things I've been looking into, and some old projects I've been poking at now that conference season is dying down. Bring your code, bring your gear, bring your friends. Most people will be showing up around 6-7pm, and a few around 7-9.

Looks like there is a small show tonight, so they won't be kicking us out or anything. You should just be able to tell the door troll that you are here for 2600, and they will let you in without charge, but if they start being dorks about it, we will probably move to Fords.