Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cool Kids, Loud Music, & Anti-Sec. Now with bonus meme!

WEWT CHRISTIANS!!!The August 700 Club 2600 meeting had a very decent turnout; it had a higher attendance than all my birthdays combined. The meeting immediately after vegas/strippers/partying blackhat/security-b-sides/defcon is always lots of fun. Leftover drugs are consumed, event CD's are copied by those who weren't able to make it, epic stories of hacker bravado & drunken escapades are shared.

We saw a bunch of new faces mixed in with the regulars at the August meeting, we hope to see them at Septembers meeting. It's amazing to see so many young people showing up to the meetings with the right attitude towards learning. I don't think I've seen such a positive influx of people in my 5 years of attendance. The future of the Portland hacking scene looks very promising!

This year Dean & Goldy gave the "Introduction to WiMAX Hacking" talk at Defcon, which had a very positive crowd response. We had a Clear WiMAX home router at the meeting and were showing off some of it's capabilities; I'll be bringing mine to the September meeting & I'll hook it up to an AP for people to connect to & play with. If you're interested in tinkering with WiMAX (and you should be), be sure to join the wimax-hacking group.

We've had 2600 at Backspace for several years now, & we love them to death. A year or so ago they built a stage & started having music shows. Rad. Unfortunately for us, this means that Friday night can get very busy (and very loud.) It's hard enough to talk over other excited hackers, but it's damn near impossible to talk when sub-par rock opera is being played way too loud (I have a hype machine account, & that makes me a music critic.) To fix this problem, we are now using Fords as a backup location. They are located right next door to backspace, are open till 3am, have delicious food, & more importantly, power & wifi. Also, I know that the blog/magazine/etc say that the meeting starts at 6pm, but sometimes things don't really kick off until closer to 7pm. So if you're new & nothing seems to be happening, wait around a bit.

Sophsec: Sketchy Shit, Competitive Prices.For the September meeting, Postmodern Modulus III of Sophsec Intrusion Labs & creator of the Ronin platform will be giving a lightning talk on "Using Sinatra to quickly write phishing sites or client side control servers." I'm not sure exactly what this entails, but postmodern is a fucking amazing Ruby hacker so if you don't pay attention (or come stoned), you'll really be missing out on some great stuff.

If anyone is interested in presenting a lightning talk at next months meeting, or at any meeting for that matter; shoot an email to (s/fuckspam/gmail) and I'll announce it on the blog.

Here is the recommended viewing for Septembers meeting:
  • The Origami PDF Framework (via Postmodern)
  • Attacking Interoperability [PDF] (via me)
  • Living for Jesus (via Cable Damage)
  • Moxie Marlinspike's SSLSniff & SSLStrip (via Dean)
  • Coming out to your parents (via sysfail)
If you would like to suggest something for the recommended viewing, leave a comment.

In recent months, the hacker pseudo-religion known as Anti-Sec has had quite a resurgence. There have been several high profile hacks including Astalavista and Imageshack. Using our advanced knowledge engine we have discovered the identity of the hacker who has perpetrated these attacks. We also believe the same hacker is responsible for the recent attacks on Matasano, Kevin Mitnick, Dan Kaminsky, 0x000000, hak5, & other security industry bitches. His name: dr. raid. By day he whores himself out to the industry (Old English ain't free, haters), and by night he takes his revenge. Using a GUI program we stole from CSI's servers, we've managed to reconstruct a picture of him. If you see this man, stay away, he's got mad skillz.

Spread the word: Dr Raid is Anti-Sec.

I love memes, even though I pronounce the word "meme" wrong 142% of the time. Recently while talking to Cable Damage on IRC, he told me about how awesome his last abortion was, and I thought "I should make a motivational poster about this." I spent the next 36 hours in mspaint while getting blown by a crack smoking midget to create an amazing labor of love. I hope you find it worthy of your ever so valuable lulz.

I just bought myself a VIP ticket to Hell.

Well children, my beastiality & ladyboy torrents have just finished downloading, so I'll try to wrap this up. Greetz to all the Sophsec & Janus peepz, I had a great time terrorizing Las Vegas with you guys. Special thanks to xyc0n for the super cool cyberpunk button. This is my first time posting on the 2600 blog, and I plan on contributing a lot more in the future, so be sure to subscribe to the rss. This blog post was brought to you under the influence of the letter E and the number 42. Music was provided by Gang Gang Dance & Jay-Z. Network bandwidth graciously donated by Clear & Xerobank.

Till next time, sbit.

P.S. Pirates > Ninjas

About the author:
Daniel is a Portland based independent security researcher. You can find him on Twitter.


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Should mention Sinatra is a customizable Ruby Web Server Interface, that can route URLs, render templates and handles all the HTTP for you.

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