Thursday, August 6, 2009

August 2600

In this episode:

1. Making fun of Dan Kaminsky
A really fun/brilliant guy, but looks like it's trendy to call him a dork, so what can you do? Required reading: zf05

2. Blackhat/Defcon redux
PDX showed out in mad force this year, record breaking to my knowledge. To those that couldn't make it, we have stories. Lots of stories.

3. Hacking the WiMAX
My talk this year with Goldy generated quite a bit of buzz, and you can definitely expect some talking about that stuff. Every member of Janus that does not show up should expect harassing phone calls.

4. Project updates
Some funky fresh new updates to contempt, ronin, some libpoison updates maybe?

5. New people
Lets see how many show up. I ran into a few people at defcon from Portland. I have also been contacted my a few others who said they would make it out, and then there is always the crowd that just wandered into Portland.

Friday, August 7th 6pm Be there etc

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Tap3w0rm said...

Damn looks like i probly missed a good time. Fuck.