Monday, April 6, 2009

Images from 2600 - Hacked by some Class A Hacker

The last 2600 was ok. It was a little annoying with the guitar hero contest going on in the background. Then we got kicked out for a concert. We chilled outside and talked for over an hour. Everything I heard of the concert was complete crap.

I snagged some pics of our meeting ( no faces of course ) and the ones i got are blocked. Also laptop screens are blocked out. Some class A hacker hacked all my images :)
Class A Hacker

Pile of 2600 mags

I just like the sticker

A clear modem in the upper left corner / and some mags

Thats the guts form a clear modem

Laptops and cellphones

MMore laptops


Brad Carter said...

Are you guys still at Backspace or did you finally move it yet?

Tap3w0rm said...

Still at backspace for now