Friday, December 5, 2008

December Meeting

Okay everybody, heres the deal!

Turns out backspace is getting awful sandy around 8pm tonight, so around 7:45 (or whenever we get kicked out) whoever wants to come will be embarking on a candle light vigil to a magical wonderful place called Julia's Cafe. Also known as Trent's cafe, since many of us know Trent, and I don't think any of us know Julia.

The address is 2130 NE Broadway
1. take the max to lloyd center
2. walk past lloyd center to broadway, you should be on 15th or so
3. walk east to somewhere between 21st and 22nd
4. enter the building marked "Julia's Cafe"

So, broadway and 21st-ish

There will be discussion as to whether or not we should make this move permanent.
We have been offered some pretty nice perks at Julia's, and we have pretty much been shit on a few too many times by the backspace management.


pierce said...

also, if you decide to attempt the journey yourself, and get lost, the number for the place should be 503 284 1066

Tap3w0rm said...

I am not going to make it this evening my grandmother in law had a stroke and we are going to be visiting her in the hospital.

One thing I am thinking about is we need to keep starting at backspace and moving to the coffee shop until the new magazine comes out. We also need to have someone ( I can do it if that works for everyone) put in a email to 2600 to get the meeting location in the magazine changed. as well as add a URL to this site in the magazine as well. We don’t want to lose the possibility of someone who would add allot to the group showing up and not finding us.