Monday, August 4, 2008

Next meeting / Stuff for sale

I have added to all my craigslist sales ( and you should too) the words "Discounts for PDX2600 Members" to all my craigslist items inside the description. you can follow this LINK to see everythign I am selling or anyone else who adds that to their sales. I am willing to come down on the prices for ACTIVE PDX2600 Members. Mostly because I know the stuff will be well taken care of by likeminded people If you show up to by shit and I don’t know who you are the price is what’s listed in the add. Otherwise if you argue with me I will simply mace you and hit you with a bat. It's simple.

I got to sit down with Dean Pierce and he showed me his framework for his project "Seeds of contempt". You can checkout his project HERE. I think this has a lot of promise and it's nice having a local programmer doing this so we can see it unfold and get his help as we write modules into it. I personally have several ideas for network visualization modules. Good job and good luck Dean.

We had a nice turnout and had some more new members show up. Bar trivia was great and fun and my team won. WE ROCKED!

My project the wireless web watcher is coming along as well you can see a copy of it HERE It works under windows and only on some wireless cards. Read the download description for more info.

I am looking forward to seeing the progress Dean is making on his project. Is anyone else working on a project they want to get a little advertisement for? Feel free to drop me a line