Tuesday, July 15, 2008

August 2008 - PDX 2600 Meeting

Ok fools.

So who all is going to be there at the next 2600 meeting? For those who can’t make it or are interested in a daylight meeting I am kind of planning an informal 2600 Daytime meeting at the quiznos by my house ( LINK TO DIRECTIONS ) I still need to think about time. I am not sure what time and date is the best. I was thinking the Saturday after the meeting at around 1:00pm


I won’t be in town for this Saturday after the 2600 meeting. so no go on going to quiznos.



I want to do a second meeting some other time in the month that may be easier for some people to get to. A daylight ( i know pierce daylight hurts your eyes) meeting. I was thinking if we had a good part of a day rather than an evening where we are all fighting the call of clubs / sex / beer / sleep. we may be able to go out and do something truly interesting. I am looking for ideas for truly interesting activities for a daylight meeting to do after everyone is gathered.


pierce said...

Sunlight hurts my eyes.

Also, I will probably be busy as hell UPXing for the Vegas trip. Maybe though, depends on how much unfinished business there after the 2600 meeting.

Postmodern said...

I think most of the PDX crowd is at work for most of the day. I also think the time /place of pdx2600 is pretty traditional and shouldn't change.

I'll be at 2600, hopefully with some code and howtos for some of my projects.

Tap3w0rm said...

I wasn’t thinking of changing the meeting. I was thinking of adding a meeting in the day time on a weekend day of each month. I know for some Friday night is not 100% workable. I would never try and change the meeting place / time / day. The place is ideal and the time an day are special to all those who believe in 2600.

I find it with other social and family obligations ( like going out with my fiancee ) sometimes hard to show up at the meetings. Friday nights can be an in demand commodity. With the sporadic attendance we get from people I am assuming this is true for more than just me.

Tap3w0rm said...


Turns out I won’t be able to do it anyways. My life just steed in the way and I won’t have a free weekend till the 9th of august.

So what does everyone think of the 9th of august.

fleetadmiral73 said...

How many people show up to the Portland meetings on average?

Tap3w0rm said...

i would say we have had quite a few people. that one meeting where we went to the pizza place because backspace was being used for a band we took up 4 tables before we moved up stairs at 4 people per table then more people showed up. i woudl say we had a good 20+ people that day.

i have had to skip a few meetings because my fiancee wanted time alone with me. ;)

fleetadmiral73 said...

Sounds good, I'll show up at this one. Laptop suggested? I can steal my mom's, but I'm not so great with XP anymore. Desktop runs Linux.

That makes me an illegal underground hacker by default, doesn't it?

Tap3w0rm said...

not really but ok. Laptop is not required but there is wireless internet. i would personaly recomend disabling anythign that automaticaly logs into any service on the internet before showing up. Go and log into MSN Messenger and your account belongs to me. Forever. i wont ever give it back. :)

Mr. said...

Attn: FleetAdmiral73

Admiral, sir! If I may make a suggestion...
I submit that the use of a LiveCD running a *nix distribution of your choice would eliminate the chance of Windows cancer emanating from your laptop for the duration of the meeting. Configure and secure the environment to your liking beforehand, and save the config data to USB stick. Obviously this approach offers a bit more protection and peace of mind than you get with Windows...

Or not... I could always use a few new MSN, AIM, Gmail, Facebook, US Bank, user/pass/accounts. Sounds like tap3w0rm already has his nets out :)

Ensign Slothrop

(Naval dept. of the Painfully Obvious and Frequently Ignored aka NDPOFI)

Anonymous said...

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