Tuesday, June 10, 2008

june 2600

Fun fun had by all. Except Brian and Gregor who played some video game the whole time (as well as showing off some mad Haskell skills) :-p The rest of us managed to bust through the L5 defense grid, and rooted the DoD D-base. That gives us 3 bridges onto SIPR, as well as 2 owned internal SIPR routers (via Chinese router "bugs") and drops on 3 internal mail servers.

Progress was recorded on my contempt project. We discussed the implications for webstart in contempt. Postmodern%3 made fun of me, and challenged me to write an exec() plugin for my seed system, so it might someday be useful. Gleg and I talked a bit more about finger painting, and mad 0day was passed around by all.

We once again argued about which programming language was best for writing mad h4x0r tools, and once again, java came out on top. Python made a close second though this month, and Ruby made a surprisingly weak display. C of course was a distant fourth.

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Tap3w0rm said...

Do me 3 little favors.
1. Learn to speak English.
2. Don’t ask stupid questions.
3. Go play free tag in heavy traffic.

Real hackers create their own tools. Most of the fun is in creating your own tools. That is where the learning starts. I have created several hundred of my own tools. They all do things that other tools that already exist do. But I got to learn the ins and outs of what I was working with better than if I had just went out and downloaded some script or tool and ran it.

Hacking is about learning now 0wn1ng. of you want to 0wn people then you’re not a hacker. You’re a fucking looser.

-TW Out!