Monday, June 9, 2008

I give up

I have closed and left it with a link back to this blog and my own personal web site

I had hoped that people would have used it more than the whole 15 visits that were not me in the last 3 months. so like the title sais. I give up.

I am still willing to put together a site if there is interest however the account is going to expire in a few months and I have no interest in paying for that site just to keep 2600pdx alive there.

If you’re interested in donating cash to the cause of a web site for us let me know. I am just at this moment disappointed that this blog and the site i setup are not gathering people on any level.

That and I am in a bad mood.

So let me know how you feel. Not that anyone will actually read this TAP3W0RM@GMAIL.COM


pierce said...

I think you are starting to see why every other pdx2600 website has failed :-) 2600 people simply hate the internet. One more website to check is no fun.

I was curious if a google group would have more success than a blog, then it would almost be more mailing list like, but people would still be able to check it and see what's up.


Brad Carter said...

I think those other 15 visits were all me. I don't get out much.

Anonymous said...

word, I just moved into town and am planning on being at the meeting tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

ok where is everyone at

Brad Carter said...

The meetings are the first Friday of the month, which was last week. You're late!