Friday, February 1, 2008

holy cow, a blog

There is now a blog for 2600 in Portland. If you think you can do better, make your own, and we can see who has superior SEO powers :-)

If you want to vandalize this blog, contact any of the admins, and they will probably give you admin rights too. I just got tired of not having any super useful top google hits for pdx 2600 information. Lack of organization has some disadvantages.


Rusty said...

Glad to have something current for the PDX area on 2600. Everything else that I could dig up was from 2004. I had a great time last night and it was wild seeing how skilled everyone else was. Brandon's (tap3w0rm) got one hell of a wicked cool app with that "Wireless Connection Monitor" that he wrote, looks like a windows version of Driftnet but with more balls.

Next month I'd love to see if we could see about "testing WEP strength" with aircrackng and stuff. I'm a huge fan of wardriving and can fully cover the windows end of wardriving. Just haven't figured out how to get gpsd working for my USB GPS yet. Linux looks to have the upper hand though.


Tap3w0rm said...

Pierce give me admin access so i can post links i am goign to setup a file area on one of my hosting accounts for 2600 PDX.

Tap3w0rm said...

go their

i just set it up

Grish said...


Anonymous said...

Superb! Let's start doing something with it now.

Tap3w0rm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tap3w0rm said...


Welcome new users

Rbcp, psiborg, and ManOfMilk

I have been working way too much and should have more time for 2600 / Hacking related activities. I want to setup some other get together besides just the once a month get together. Anyone up for some short meets.
Here is the rub. These will be by invitation ONLY not open like the 2600 ones. Anyone who shows up without being invited will basically be asked to leave kindly. If you don’t leave I may have to pull out my Taurus and convince you to leave. These will be at places like Coffee houses, restraints, even at our own houses. I hate to use the word intimate but that's the idea behind this. This is just all of us getting to know each other in real life a little bit better.

So if anyone is up for it hit me up at and we can have a vote on where to hook up and when. I am also interested in doing some dumpster diving and other such stuff.
Let’s have some fun.

Anonymous said...

was waiting for this to happen

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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