Friday, December 5, 2008

December Meeting

Okay everybody, heres the deal!

Turns out backspace is getting awful sandy around 8pm tonight, so around 7:45 (or whenever we get kicked out) whoever wants to come will be embarking on a candle light vigil to a magical wonderful place called Julia's Cafe. Also known as Trent's cafe, since many of us know Trent, and I don't think any of us know Julia.

The address is 2130 NE Broadway
1. take the max to lloyd center
2. walk past lloyd center to broadway, you should be on 15th or so
3. walk east to somewhere between 21st and 22nd
4. enter the building marked "Julia's Cafe"

So, broadway and 21st-ish

There will be discussion as to whether or not we should make this move permanent.
We have been offered some pretty nice perks at Julia's, and we have pretty much been shit on a few too many times by the backspace management.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Meeting Movember 7 2008

Just checked the calendar at backspace. Looks like there are no events planned for this evening. This is a good thing. The last few meetings have sucked hard core because of events at backspace either making it imposable to meet or just too uncomfortable.

I tap3w0rm will be their early and try and snag us our usual corner and some extra chairs. I am hoping for a good turnout but you never know.

We do need to talk this meeting about weather backspace is the correct place / environment for us to be meeting at. If anyone has a better idea please bring it up either here as a comment or at the meeting.

Monday, September 15, 2008

When backspace sucks.

We need an official backup location for meetings incase something like this happens again.

this time we went next door to fords, however we went to old town pizza the time before that.

can I get a list of alternate meeting places from people. then I will post a vote. then we will have a backup location.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

September 5th 2008

This meeting totaly blew from some points.

Musicfest northwest was here and backspace was part of it. Nothing prevented us from meeting at backspace accept for the mind numbingly loud and poorly played music that was flowing out the doors of backspace. The music was so loud that we could not hear each other talking outside of backspace. we moved over to fords and some fun was had but we wrapped up early.

We had a new guy who showed up for the ball gargling ( music fest northwest ) and saw the 2600 mag sitting on the table and joined us for a little while. He is cool and i have had time to email with him over the last few days. I hope he comes back. He would make a great addition to the group.

That's it nothing else to report.

For PDX 2600 this is tap3w0rm - OUT

Monday, August 4, 2008

Next meeting / Stuff for sale

I have added to all my craigslist sales ( and you should too) the words "Discounts for PDX2600 Members" to all my craigslist items inside the description. you can follow this LINK to see everythign I am selling or anyone else who adds that to their sales. I am willing to come down on the prices for ACTIVE PDX2600 Members. Mostly because I know the stuff will be well taken care of by likeminded people If you show up to by shit and I don’t know who you are the price is what’s listed in the add. Otherwise if you argue with me I will simply mace you and hit you with a bat. It's simple.

I got to sit down with Dean Pierce and he showed me his framework for his project "Seeds of contempt". You can checkout his project HERE. I think this has a lot of promise and it's nice having a local programmer doing this so we can see it unfold and get his help as we write modules into it. I personally have several ideas for network visualization modules. Good job and good luck Dean.

We had a nice turnout and had some more new members show up. Bar trivia was great and fun and my team won. WE ROCKED!

My project the wireless web watcher is coming along as well you can see a copy of it HERE It works under windows and only on some wireless cards. Read the download description for more info.

I am looking forward to seeing the progress Dean is making on his project. Is anyone else working on a project they want to get a little advertisement for? Feel free to drop me a line

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

August 2008 - PDX 2600 Meeting

Ok fools.

So who all is going to be there at the next 2600 meeting? For those who can’t make it or are interested in a daylight meeting I am kind of planning an informal 2600 Daytime meeting at the quiznos by my house ( LINK TO DIRECTIONS ) I still need to think about time. I am not sure what time and date is the best. I was thinking the Saturday after the meeting at around 1:00pm


I won’t be in town for this Saturday after the 2600 meeting. so no go on going to quiznos.



I want to do a second meeting some other time in the month that may be easier for some people to get to. A daylight ( i know pierce daylight hurts your eyes) meeting. I was thinking if we had a good part of a day rather than an evening where we are all fighting the call of clubs / sex / beer / sleep. we may be able to go out and do something truly interesting. I am looking for ideas for truly interesting activities for a daylight meeting to do after everyone is gathered.

Monday, July 14, 2008

amazing july meeting

For all those that failed to attend the July meeting, you really missed out.

Hint: Strippers handing out free tacos

Also, good news everyone! For the first time ever, I will be attending an August meeting! I'm not sure what DT was smoking, but for some reason Blackhat/Defcon is scheduled for the 6th through the 10th this year, so those of us that never miss a trip to vegas will also be able to attend the 2600 meeting on August 1st. Woo!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

june 2600

Fun fun had by all. Except Brian and Gregor who played some video game the whole time (as well as showing off some mad Haskell skills) :-p The rest of us managed to bust through the L5 defense grid, and rooted the DoD D-base. That gives us 3 bridges onto SIPR, as well as 2 owned internal SIPR routers (via Chinese router "bugs") and drops on 3 internal mail servers.

Progress was recorded on my contempt project. We discussed the implications for webstart in contempt. Postmodern%3 made fun of me, and challenged me to write an exec() plugin for my seed system, so it might someday be useful. Gleg and I talked a bit more about finger painting, and mad 0day was passed around by all.

We once again argued about which programming language was best for writing mad h4x0r tools, and once again, java came out on top. Python made a close second though this month, and Ruby made a surprisingly weak display. C of course was a distant fourth.

Monday, June 9, 2008

I give up

I have closed and left it with a link back to this blog and my own personal web site

I had hoped that people would have used it more than the whole 15 visits that were not me in the last 3 months. so like the title sais. I give up.

I am still willing to put together a site if there is interest however the account is going to expire in a few months and I have no interest in paying for that site just to keep 2600pdx alive there.

If you’re interested in donating cash to the cause of a web site for us let me know. I am just at this moment disappointed that this blog and the site i setup are not gathering people on any level.

That and I am in a bad mood.

So let me know how you feel. Not that anyone will actually read this TAP3W0RM@GMAIL.COM

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Next Meeting on June 6th 2008

Hello fellow PDX 2600 Members!

Anyone have anything specific they want to bring up before the meeting on June 6th 2008.

I would like to see what people are doing for WPA cracking. I have used cowpatty with precomputed tables to crack my own AP however what does it take to do this in the wild. I have never successfully been able to use a deauth attack on myself.I wanted to discuss the post I made on my site [LINK] about setting up a nice domain. I have very little issue setting it up. I will register the domain and add it to my current hosting account for the whole whopping $15 however if it takes off I want to know if people are willing to pay in for the site and get it its own hosting account. I am not going to go through the effort if no one is going to use it however. I am going to add a few polls to this blog to try and gauge peoples interest in several of my ideas. The main ideas are: Domain, Merchandise (I know people who can do shirts and stuff for next to nothing), and meetings outside the normal monthly gatherings. I will post those polls on the bar to the right. You may have to scroll down to see them but please vote it will help.

Friday, February 1, 2008

holy cow, a blog

There is now a blog for 2600 in Portland. If you think you can do better, make your own, and we can see who has superior SEO powers :-)

If you want to vandalize this blog, contact any of the admins, and they will probably give you admin rights too. I just got tired of not having any super useful top google hits for pdx 2600 information. Lack of organization has some disadvantages.