Thursday, January 1, 1970

Contact Us

Since there is no central leadership behind the meetings, there is no central point of contact. If your a regular attendee & want your contact information here, mention it at a meeting.

Dean Pierce | Twitter | LinkedIn
Email: (/s/lulz/gmail)

Dean is security engineer & researcher living in Portland.

He is actively involved with Portland's first Hackerspace, Brainsilo.

Daniel Hückmann | Twitter | LinkedIn
Email: (/s/lulz/gmail)

Daniel is a Portland based security researcher with a background
in hardware security, network security, and psychology.

About Us

PDX2600 is a monthly open forum for hackers in Portland Oregon. It happens on the first Friday of every month at Theo's (5th and Couch in between backspace and someday) from around 7pm to midnight. There are no memberships, no leaders, and no real structure. Only the free exchange of ideas.

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